About Us

Our Approach

Novosynth is a company dedicated in the development, manufacturing and supply of natural based products, for the personal care, cosmetic and food industries. Our product portfolio includes botanical extracts, which are known for their medicinal benefits and aromatic properties. Novosynth was established seven years ago with a healthcare focus. Today, our company has evolved as an R&D based manufacturer committed to bringing green/sustainable solutions to those of us believing in the power of nature to heal, protect and beutify human life.

Our value proposition is founded on the integrity of its founders and their passion for quality and service. Many of customers, come to us for our friendly and collaborative attitude. Our cliental consists of distributors, formulators and private labelers seeking a reliable partner for their enterprise. Unlike most major suppliers of natural products, Novosynth applies its own proprietary technology for the production of all its products and has direct access to the plant growers. This ensures consistency in quality, security of supply and cost competitiveness.

Our operations comprise of an R&D and Manufacturing Center located in Bangalore-India operating under the name Novosynth Healthcare Private Limited and a Sales & Distribution Center located in New Jersey-USA operating under the name Novosynth Life Sciences LLC. Our manufacturing site is ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001 certified and applies high quality standards to produce all its products; if required, our products can also be produced in an FDA approved manufacturing unit located on site. With two distribution centers, one in the US and one in India, we can meet the needs of our clients, globally.